Feels like Ishq~ Riansh OS

‘Who did this riddhima’ He roared in anger seeing her burnt feets which pained his coronary heart too.

‘I promise it is going to be his/her final day whoever tried to harm you, you simply inform me who did this with you.’  He mentioned wanting into her purple puffy eyes which had been swollen due to crying.

She flinched seeing his purple eyes dripping out anger and drifted again to the incident that passed off simply jiffy in the past which might even take her life.

If he wouldn’t have got here to save lots of her even when it was a phantasm of hers she wouldn’t have been alive and would have died within the room stuffed with coal.

There was time when she used to shut her eyes in any hassle and imagined Kabir who saved her everytime. However this time it was not Kabir…. however Vansh her ‘CRIMINAL HUSBAND’ saved her holding her hand pulling her out from the room.


Riddhima was strolling in hall when her eyes fell upon the bangle she was discovering from do lengthy time.

She went there to take it earlier than somebody can come there and see her. However earlier than she will take the bangle her toes obtained stick on the glue which was unfold on the ground.

She tried to pull her sandal however failed miserably. Liberating her toes from her sandal she was about to go from there however earlier than she will do this she was pushed by somebody in an enormous room.

She was shocked to see coal throughout there within the room and tried to get out from the room however discovered the door locked from outdoors.

She tried quite a few occasions to open the door however failed badly. Coughing badly due to smoke she was inhaling of coal she tried to name some one for assist.

‘Vanshhhh!! Dadiiii!! Please save Me. I’m not in a position to breath!! Please save me!!’ She shouted attempting to name somebody who can assist her out from this loss of life room.

Discovering no different manner out she began loosing her consciousness. Resting her head with a door she closed her eyes with no hope left in her coronary heart.

‘Sweetheart’. She heard the same voice calling her softly opening her eyes rapidly she seemed on the man of her life standing there with a priority look on his face.

Strolling in the direction of her he got here nearer to her, holding her shoulder softly in his fingers he made her look into his eyes which had been having just one emotion which was ‘LOVE’ ‘PURE LOVE’.

‘You can’t fell weak riddhima. You might be Sherni, my sherni and a wounded lioness do not fell weak somewhat combat again‘. He mentioned wanting into her eyes as she seemed at him with utmost love.

‘And I know my sweetheart is the strongest individual I have ever noticed in my life. You need to combat again for me riddhima. You have got to depart from this room.’ He mentioned and forwarded his hand to her whereas she smiled sadly and saved her hand on his.

‘1…. 2…. 3…’. He counted and pulled her with him in the direction of the window.

She seemed into his eyes, he seemed into her eyes. Being misplaced in his eyes she didn’t felt ache even waking on the burning sizzling coal.

Reaching to the window located on the finish of the room he blinked his eyes assuring her that now every thing is okay. Opening the window he indicated her to leap.

She holded his hand extra tightly and jumped from window nonetheless wanting into his eyes. Falling on floor she felt sudden ache in her toes and winced.

‘Vansh! Look we did it! Your sherni did it! We’re out now.’  She mentioned and seemed again however discovered none and tried to discover him ‘HER SAVIOR’.

‘Was it simply my creativeness, I imagined vansh in my robust time.’ She thought to herself and tears rolled down from her already purple swollen eyes.

‘Mere go naa hote huye bhi usne mujhe bachaya.’ She Whispered to her self and smiled fascinated about him.

Riddhima all this concern are only a entice of our thoughts. If one thing occurs with you don’t concern about it. Simply shut your eyes and picture me. I will come there to prevent.’

Kabir’s phrases echoed in her ears. Wasn’t it Kabir who supposed to come back there and save her. Then how come she imagined Vansh to save lots of her.

‘Har baar Jab fundamental moosibat mein fasi hun Kabir ko mehsoos kiyaa hai Maine apne paas. Lekin abb Jab mein moosibat mein thi to Vansh kese!!’ She thought to herself as tears rolled down from her eyes. Why the hell she imagined Vansh as an alternative of Kabir when she was at risk, in hassle?

‘Vansh!’ She Whispered and cleaned her tears, getting up from her knees she made her manner in the direction of the Vr Mansion.

Strolling with many difficulties, holding partitions to assist herself from falling. Strolling with burnt toes is in no way a straightforward work.

Vansh who was coming from again checked out her state shockingly. He felt his breath going uneven seeing this woman’s devastated situation who’ve develop into his ‘LIFE’ and motive to be ‘ALIVE’ in a short while.

‘RIDDDDHIMAAA!!’. He shouted earlier than operating in the direction of her to carry her tightly.

Whereas she seemed again at him with teary purple eyes and a small smile crept on her face. She opened her arms earlier than her to let him cage her in his arms.

He got here operating to him and took her in his arms, pulling her in a a lot wanted hug he Whispered some soothing phrases in her ears making her smile and calm.

‘Thanks Vansh’. She mentioned earlier than passing out in his arms whereas he panicked seeing her unconscious.

Selecting her in his arms he took her to their room making her lay on the mattress fastidiously with her head resting on the mattress relaxation he positioned a small kiss on her brow.

Taking a glass of water from aspect desk he sprinkled some on her face inflicting her to get up with jerk and she or he began coughing badly due to the results of the coal smoke.

He handed her the glass of water to her and instructed her to drink whereas she nodded and drank the complete water in a go.

Stroking her hair softly he checked out her lovingly. However his eyes darken seeing her situation.

‘Who did this riddhima?’ He requested in calm but harmful voice whereas shiver ran down her backbone seeing his purple eyes.


I’m asking you one thing riddhima, reply me! Rattling it!’ He shouted and banged his hand on the desk whereas she checked out him shocked.

She will’t inform him proper, she will’t create a rift between a brother and sister. She herself an orphan and understands how painful it to be away from mother and father, siblings and their love.

She will’t separate him along with her sister telling him that the rationale behind her burnt toes is none different that his personal sister Ishani.

‘Vansh nobody did this! It’s simply that I was arranging barbecue for the household and within the course of saved my toes on burning coal.’ She lied merely whereas he shook his head due to her foolishness.

‘Why you retain going in the direction of the troubles? I used to be proper you’re a magnet, magnet of hassle. Moosibat kahi bhi ho tum uss tak pohunch hello jaati hoo.’ He mentioned whereas she pout cutely.

Seeing her wound he groaned and went to get the primary assist field. Kneeling down on his knees he took her one foot in his hand and saved it no his thigh. Wanting into her eyes he began making use of ointment on her foot whereas she winced in ache feeling a burning sensation on her foot.

Leaving the primary one he did the identical along with her different foot whereas she checked out him with love. Lastly she discovered somebody who liked her with none selfishness.

Leaving her toes he checked out her and once more made her lay down muttering her to sleep, he was about to go from there protecting her with a quilt however she stopped him by holding his wrist in her tiny fist. He checked out her confused.

Keep right here by my aspect as we speak. This injured lioness wants her lion.’ She mentioned him with smile whereas he too smiled at her.

I’m right here solely jaan, with you by your aspect. Simply give me a minute I’ll be again hmm…’ He mentioned and kissed her brow whereas she nodded and let him go loosing her maintain from his wrist.

If imagining him in her robust time, if discovering her solace in his arms, if seeing him each the place he’s not, if feeling him provides her peace, if his look is sufficient to calm her down, if his smile is the rationale of her smile, if his chortle is motive of her chortle, if her arms & embrace are her most most secure place for her, the place she finds her actual house is his embrace is known as ‘LOVE’ ‘TRUE LOVE’, then she is in head over heal in love along with her ‘CRIMINAL HUSBAND’, her ‘RAKSHAS PATI’.

Sure I really like him with every thing I’ve, I really like him from backside of my coronary heart. And now it’s time to admit it infront of him together with my previous. She thought with decided face.

Simply then he got here there with a glass of juice and handed it to her whereas she smiled seeing his look after her and took it fortunately and sip a sip from the juice. And provided some him too which he additionally accepted fortunately. Ending the juice he made her lay and took her in his embrace.

Protecting themselves with a quilt he kissed her brow softly. Whereas she smiled and smuggled into him extra and he saved stroking her hair softly till she was drifted right into a peaceable slumber being in his love’s arm.

Love is a burning want, that makes your coronary heart gentle on hearth.
Love is being with you, somebody saying I really like you too.
Love is your tender kiss, one thing you don’t wish to miss.
Love is you and me, And that’s all I wish to see.


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