Kaamna 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha is not interested in keeping relations with her mother or sister

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Akanksha is shocked to see her mom who asks if she would even name them into her home, Khushal jee questions who them are each when her sister reveals she is the elder sister of Akanksha whereas that is her mom, Khushal jee in pleasure exclaims that he would organize for the refreshment however seeing Akanksha he leaves for his workplace, she opens the door of the flat asking them each to return inside.

Mr Kapoor sees Akanksha on the tv when he throwing the distant goes to Ranay asking she was proper in entrance of him on the pooja then how is it potential he didn’t see her, Ranay apologizes saying that he was not capable of see her, Mr Kapoor exclaims this implies he has made a mistake so himself is aware of what he should do, Mr Kapoor going close to the tv takes the picture of Akanksha when Ranay tries to cease him, Mr Kapoor exclaims that that is towards his guidelines, he asks what’s in his pocket when Ranay reveals they’re empty, Mr Kapoor exclaims for this reason he ought to put these values in his pocket as it’s a matter of affection so he can do it, Mr Kapoor leaves.
Akanksha’s mom whereas standing in the home exclaims that she thought in spite of everything these years she would ask her to return and sit down however she has not even bothered to ask her something, Akanksha questions how did she get the handle of this home, her sister exclaims that she acquired the handle as a result of Manav known as her and even she texted her nonetheless their was no reply, she clarify they’ve come right here to assist her set her home and even introduced the meals for her, her mom exclaims that now she has additionally come to reside in Indore, Akanksha exclaims it’s momentary as Manav would certainly handle to get himself transferred inside a 12 months, her mom mentions there’s a variety of distinction between Manav and her father who all the time used to present the bribe to get the switch however Manav won’t have the ability to do it, Akanksha exclaims she is bound he’ll do it when her mom warns her to not be so adamant that she ruins every part. Akanksha asks her sister to see, their mom is identical as earlier than, she needs to regulate every string and is even now judging her, Akanksha’s sister exclaims this isn’t the case as even Maa needs to be pleased, Akanksha picks up the field to go away when her mom questions why does she not need to reside in Indore, Akanksha replies as a result of she lives right here together with those that are like her, there’s additionally one different factor, that Papa isn’t alive and he or she ought to cease saying unhealthy issues about him, simply because she can not see to fulfil her desires and her father all the time wished to fulfil them, she should cease saying unhealthy issues about him, he was the one one who cared for her and after his loss of life she feels all her desires has additionally died, her mom exclaims she additionally loves her however Akanksha all the time although of her recommendation as one thing flawed as a result of even when the drugs is bitter it’s vital for the treatment, Akanksha leaves saying she must go and meet her buddy Rhea.

Akanksha’ s mom standing exclaims she continues to be operating similar to eight years in the past, she thinks how Akanksha ran away on the wedding ceremony day, she got here into her room however acquired shocked as a result of she was not there and even her sister got here asking the place Akanksha is as a result of her brother-in-law is ready dressed as a groom. She asks why Maa continues to be interested by these issues as a result of she feels Akanksha made the fitting choice as she appears pleased nonetheless her mom exclaims, they’ll by no means do something good for Akanksha as she is rather like her father, so she asks her to return along with her as she not desires to remain on this home.

Akanksha sits down on the ground crying her hearts out, Manav within the workplace wonders what has occurred as a result of she isn’t answering her name, Akanksha whereas pouring the water thinks of the night time when she was preparing as a bride and her sister got here to advise her why is she so careless with the costume, she then advised her that her brother in legislation additionally actually likes her, he takes care of the household enterprise however she responded clearly that she has little interest in marrying him as a result of he has the identical center class pondering, her mom coming into talked about even they’re a center class household as a result of the luxurious which her father additionally supplied had been on mortgage, now he has handed away however left them with an enormous debt so she should marry him. A woman comes calling them because the barat has arrived, they each depart when Akanksha adjustments her costume, she thinks her sister has accepted this household, however she is not going to do the identical and can’t reside like this, she then ran away. Akanksha all of the sudden realizes that Manav is looking her so attends it, he reveals excellent news that he talked together with his boss who assured he’ll attempt to get the bungalow from Jaspal but when he’s not capable of, they’ll then rent any home which they like. Akanksha questions why he gave their handle to her sister and mom, he asks how she got here to know, clarifying that when they’ll come to satisfy her she is going to really feel very nice, she explains that he can hear from her voice how effectively she is feeling as they’d already come to satisfy her. She ends the call-in anger.

Nariyan Kaka comes mentioning that Jokhse sir is looking him, Manav asks if he known as him, Jokhse sir mentions Kapoor industries means Vibhav Kapoor and he’s the president of the true property affiliation so how did he reject the file, Manav explains he must rethink his architect plan as a result of he first sought the permission for a thirty story constructing however then is planning to construct a fifty story, He assures he has thought concerning the choice, Jhokse sir exclaims that he is aware of this when Manav requests to go dwelling early as a result of his spouse is alone so he feels to spend a while along with her.

Mr Kapoor goes to the positioning when the in cost exclaims that this time their constructing would even be accomplished early from the deadline however there’s only a drawback with the file, Mr Kapoor explains it can not occur as every part can cease however not their mission, he asks Ranay to seek out out who stopped their file and punish him, a automobile stops and a girl stepping out exclaims he needs to be the one who’s punished as a result of he has wronged everybody, Vibhav exclaims she can not reside with out him so has come after him.

Akanksha questions why did he come early on his first day as a result of what would the colleagues consider him, Manav exclaims that all of them know he loves his spouse loads, she asks if he cares a lot then why did he not inform her about her household, Manav assures that he forgot to inform her as a result of her sister known as him within the night time and he couldn’t disguise the handle from her even once they reside in the identical metropolis, nonetheless she continues to be actually mad, he exclaims he solely remembers her.

The ladies asks Vibhav why is he pretending to take care of her sister once they all know that he has snatched her property, Vibhav exclaims he’s not fearful of the pretend threats as a result of individuals like her didn’t even care to satisfy her and now are demanding the property, she exclaims she is going to name the courtroom to this working web site if he doesnot come to the listening to, she even threatens him after which leaves, he smiles waving at her.

Precap: Akanksha whereas washing the dishes mentions the night time when she ran to satisfy him was the worst night time of her life, Manav is surprised to listen to it, Akanksha is strolling with Yatharth when she drops her earing, Vibhav sees it and is about to choose it up when Manav takes it, Vibhav asks to take a look at it then requests if he can hold it however Manav exclaims it’s too private for him as this belongs to his spouse, Vibhav is shocked to listen to this.

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