Kaamna 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha informs Manav why she doesnot want to meet her mother

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Mr Kapoor is standing when the sister of his deceased spouse exclaims he has wrongly snatched the property of her sister so she’s going to damage him, she then leaves when he asks Ranay to see that she is now threatening to take him to courtroom as she can not do something towards him nonetheless Ranay exclaims they can not keep away in any other case this may create downside for them, Mr Kapoor exclaims that they’ll reply however on the time when he likes as a result of it’s higher to see the opponent in ache somewhat then to win the duel.

Akanksha exclaims the evening when she ran away was the worst day of her life, Manav asks if she feels it was a mistake that she met him as this implies she shouldn’t be proud of him, she questions why is he speaking like this as she meant what occurred along with her that evening, she ran away from her mom as a result of she tried to power her to compromise on issues which she didn’t like, she doesnot need to meet her mom as a result of she even right this moment curses her father blaming that he ruined Akanksha by accepting all the things which she desired, Manav is glad she revealed the true cause for not coming to Indore, Manav exclaims he thought she might need dedicated a homicide or executed a rip-off, she getting offended sits on the desk exclaiming he at all times tries to joke, Manav replies he was simply making an attempt to cheer her up, he apologizes. She explains Indore is the town by which she noticed the large desires however can be the identical metropolis by which they have been ruined however she feels good about one factor relating to the town, that it forgot the previous Akanksha similar to her because the previous Akanksha was not capable of fulfil or stay her desires. Manav explains it isn’t as much as them to alter what had occurred previously, however they will cherish the moments collectively, he asks her to go and produce Yatharth until them he would plan one thing for them each.

Yatharth requests Akanksha to let him keep the evening with Vinay as a result of they’ve deliberate a number of issues and in addition made a home, Akanksha nonetheless refuses explaining additionally they need to go to the brand new college tomorrow nonetheless Amita coming additionally asks Akanksha to let Yatharth keep as each of them are actually joyful, Amita receives a name from Manav, Akanksha wonders why did he not name her then realises she has left her cellular in the home, Manav asks if she went to carry again Yatharth to remain there herself, she replies he’s not prepared to return so Manav advises she ought to let him keep as then they might additionally get a while for themselves, he additionally requests her to carry some candles as there isn’t any gentle.

Akanksha is strolling in the direction of her flat with the candles when Khushal jee stops her, he instantly exclaims he was coming to fulfill her so he can invite her, Akanksha questions what’s he inviting her to, he explains that of their society they maintain a pooja each six months by which additionally they have a number of video games so if she comes then he would additionally get joyful, Akanksha feels awkward, Khushal jee explains since he’s the president of the society then he’s in command of the complete preparation, Akanksha leaves, two ladies standing within the nook are speaking when one of many mentions how she has seen her someplace however shouldn’t be capable of recollect it.

Akanksha coming into the home calls Manav, she lights the candle however he doesnot reply, she walks into the bed room calling him when abruptly the candle turns off which worries her, the lights then come on, she instantly begins smiling after the roses fall over her, Manav comes singing a track, he sits on the mattress along with her when she asks why is he in such a romantic temper, Manav asks her to take a tip down the reminiscence lane with him when she was not his spouse however Akanksha Awasthi, essentially the most sensational lady in collage whose followers weren’t solely boys but additionally ladies and he was her largest fan, Manav stands selecting a rose, he kneels asking her for a dance, she additionally agrees having fun with lots with him, she shouldn’t be capable of management her smile feeling the feelings that exist between them each, he comes close to her whereas she is standing towards a pole, Akanksha turns to depart when he stops her holding her hand then covers them each along with her dupatta, earlier than selecting her up in his arms, they each drink to the second. Akanksha lies down with Manav, smiling exclaiming that he won’t change, Manav exclaims that her smile even tends to make this small flat look like an enormous home, nonetheless Akanksha says this doesnot change the truth that it’s a small home so he should not get too snug, she asks him to sleep now as they need to go to the brand new college of Yatharth which worries Manav, he then lies right down to sleep, Akanksha additionally hugs him.

Within the morning Akanksha together with Manav and Yatharth are with the principal, she is admittedly impressed after seeing the educational achievements of Yatharth, she explains that he’s a extremely shiny scholar, she will probably be joyful to have him within the college, Akanksha questions if there are additional round actions in her college when the principal assures however Akanksha questions if she has any debate competitors however she says they’ve deliberate it sooner or later which angers Akanksha nonetheless Manav calms her down, Manav is with the instructor in entrance of the category of Yatharth, he requests to permit him to hitch the category right this moment however Akanksha shouldn’t be positive nonetheless Manav agrees so arms Yatharth some cash so he can eat from the canteen right this moment, Akanksha whereas strolling with Manav mentions how she thought after his promotion she would get Yatharth admitted in an enormous college however this is identical college which doesnot have something nonetheless Manav tries to clarify it is a blessing for them as it’s the center of the 12 months, he replies it isn’t mandatory that one achieves something afgter learning from an enormous college as even he didn’t go to any huge college however is doing okay in his life, Akanksha replies this isn’t what she needs for her son, she needs that he ought to try to realize one of the best in life.

Mr Kapoor whereas taking part in Ranay what occurred of his work, Ranay questions what does he imply, Mr Kapoor replies he’s speaking about that lady whom they met within the spelling bee, Ranay explains he met with a police males and bought the footage of the automotive, earlier than he can say something Mr Kapoor exclaims then he would have gotten the identify and call quantity, he doesnot require the contact however simply the identify, Ranay replies the quantity plate was damaged, Mr Kapoor bursts into laughter saying what is occurring with him as the ladies whom he’s making an attempt to fulfill shouldn’t be coming to him. he turns questions Ranay how he was not capable of acknowledge her when she was proper in entrance of him.
Manav is together with his new boss who’s serving him the dishes of Indore, mentioning how they’re rather well right here, Manav cracking a joke asks if he has not blended any sleeping drugs in them, all of them snicker when his boss exclaims how good it could have been if he had signed the file of Kapoor development similar to that nonetheless Manav replies he has a rule that he doesnot speak about his work whereas consuming.
Ranay replies he certainly acknowledged her, Mr Kapoor questions then why he not knowledgeable him, Ranay explains as a result of she is married and even the mom of a son, Vibhav getting livid questions what then as a result of he married his first spouse even when she was additionally married, it’s love, he asks Ranay to care for the matter regarding the challenge whereas he’ll deal with the issue of his love.
Manav thanks his boss for the lunch exclaiming he wants to depart as there may be a number of work pending particularly as a result of he has to search out out the irregularities regarding the recordsdata of Kapoor development.

Precap: Akanksha walks with Yatharth when she drops her ear ring, Vibhav kneels to choose it up when Manav additionally comes, explaining they belong to him, Vibhav seeks permission to have a better seems at them then gives to purchase them nonetheless Manav refuses explaining they’re too private and belong to his spouse, Vibhav replies he’s providing him cash however Manav explains the one who tries to purchase all the things finally ends up forgetting the worth of something.

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