Love story – Episode 7 (Naira’s dance and family moment)

hello mates!!!. Right here is the following episode..

Aly lifts twinkle and takes her to bed room..

He makes her lie down and sprinkles water on her which makes twinkle wake..

Twinkle: what occurred?

Aly:i ought to ask you this query.. what occurred to you?why have been you mendacity unconscious on kitchen?

Twinkle will get nervous and cries..

Twinkle:i’ve by no means labored like this even in my i did an enormous work for first time i felt drained and fall unconscious.

Aly will get shocked and offended..

Aly shouts: can’t you eat correctly for good might be already wanting like skeleton and while you work extra then it will certainly occur. So it’s important to eat correctly proper?

Twinkle will get shocked..

Twinkle in thoughts:what kind of man he’s? He was torturing to do works someday earlier than and now he’s involved about my well being..unusual.

Twinkle stumbles:i..i..i don’t like greens and all and that’s why i dint eat correctly right here.

Aly:are you saint? If you happen to eat solely junk meals then you’ll solely undergo. You must eat greens compalsarily right here. If you happen to don’t eat greens then I’ll punish you..

Twinkle will get shocked..

Twinkle in thoughts:this man is so complicated..he was torturing like he’s the satan however nonetheless he’s involved..what a person he’s?.

Aly:now go and eat uncooked carrot because it’s good for well being. You need to be sturdy to work extra so simply go and eat after which begin working..

Twinkle: however I don’t prefer it..that too uncooked carrot won’t be good.

Aly:iam sorry..i cant hold my servants weak so you have to be wholesome. So i’ll make you eat atleast forcibly..

Aly brings a uncooked carrot and offers it to twinkle however twinkle hesitates..

Twinkle:no..i cant eat this. Please don’t power me please..

Aly will get offended and he forcibly feeds uncooked carrot to twinkle making twinkle cry..

Twinkle cries:why are you doing this?i can’t capable of bear this.. please go away me.

Aly:i cant let my servant as like her want right here. They need to comply with my instructions orelse this forcement would be the end result.

Twinkle in thoughts:now i understood why he was performing like particular person..he’s only a monster who can by no means turn out to be a human.

Aly:now go and clear the kitchen must be cleaned inside 10 minutes understood?

Twinkle will get scared and nods her head and he or she goes to scrub the kitchen.


Tina reaches the faculty and suprised seeing everybody wandering with out attending the category and he or she goes to Kunal who’s standing alone..

Tina:hey Kunal.. what’s happening right here?

Kunal turns and appears at Tina and..

Kunal: really dancing competitors is coming close by and that’s why rehearsal goes to happen. As we speak they may choose the perfect dancers and will probably be promoted to take part within the competitors and whoever wins the competitors then they get an opportunity to bop earlier than the folks.

Tina notices kunal’s lips and understands it and will get glad..

Tina in thoughts: this can be a good probability for me to bop earlier than the folks however how might be attainable?i cant method the staffs with my deafness..ohh shit.

Out of the blue Tanvi comes earlier than Tina and..

Tanvi:Tina..kartik sir is looking you in chemistry lab.

Tina notices her lips and understands it..

Tina in thoughts: how did kartik sir got here quickly?did that man obtained nice?..

Tina:okay..I’ll go and meet him.

Tina goes to chemistry lab and sees kartik sitting in bench and..

Tina: excuse me sir..

Kartik sees Tina and nods his head and tina goes close to kartik and..

Tina:sir..did you name me? you need to go and carry out your dancing ability earlier than the faculty and there will probably be judges too. If the judges likes your efficiency then you possibly can take part within the competitors after which you’re going to get an opportunity to bop earlier than the folks.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and will get shocked..

Tina: am i able to dance now with out giving my identify?

Kartik:i gave your identify so don’t fear. And that i will probably be sitting close to stage solely so dance confidently.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:certain sir..thanks sir for serving to me.

Kartik:it’s okay. Inform me which music do you wish to play in background?

Tina notices his lips and tells a music identify and..

Kartik:nice.. this music will probably be performed in background and you may think about the music and dance and that i offers you the sign as soon as the music is performed in background okay?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:certain sir..

Kartik:now go and wait close to the members in stage and as soon as your identify is named then i offers you a sign.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:okay sir..

Tina goes whereas kartik too leaves from there..

After some time the entire school is dropped at sit earlier than the stage to look at the performances of dancing college students after which judges too cool down earlier than the stage and after someday the dancing rehearsal begins and every participant is named and so they dance..

Later Tina’s identify is named and kartik reveals a sign to Tina with out anybody’s information and tina climbs the stage nervously..

Tina in thoughts:krishnaji.. please give assured to bop. Iam going dance for first time earlier than many individuals and iam feeling nervous. I’ll higher see kartik sir and dance to bop confidently.

Tina stands on the stage and kartik provides a sign as soon as the music begins and tina begins to think about the music and he or she dances..

Ho.. solar saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari important

Tujhpe important jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri important
Ho chhu le toh khari important
(Toh khari important khari important…)

Ho.. solar saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Fundamental ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Fundamental ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

Kartik will get mesmerized on Tina’s dance and he smiles unknowingly

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake important tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Tina too notices kartik’s smile and he or she dances extra confidently..

Piya bas teri important
Ho.. chhu le toh khari important
toh khari important khari important…

Ho.. solar saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Later Tina stops dancing because it ends and everybody provides a giant applaud and cheers for her..

Tina appears to be like the entire college students clapping and appreciating and will get emotional..

Tina in thoughts:thanks krishnaji for serving to me to bop efficiently..

Even the judges together with kartik stands and claps which makes Tina extra emotional and he or she runs away from stage to a nook of a plain space and he or she cries..

Kartik will get shocked and he searches for her and one way or the other he finds her in a nook crying and he goes to her and holds her shoulder making her look into his eyes..

Kartik:what occurred?you danced so effectively that even each judges clapped for you..however why did you runaway right here and crying?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina cryingly:sir..iam crying out of happiness in addition to disappointment. I couldn’t management earlier than everybody and that’s why i got here right here.

Kartik:i do know what happiness you’ll have felt earlier than everybody however what’s the disappointment did you bought there?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina cryingly:sir..i can see everybody appreciating me however i couldn’t hear their clap sound and their cheering sound. Someday folks will really feel comfortable once they hear the large cheering and clapping sound however..i..i..

Tina bursts into crying whereas kartik can also really feel her ache and he caresses her face emotionally and rubs her tears..

Kartik emotionally:i can really feel your ache however generally we must always suppress our ache to realize our attempt to overlook your ache and simply focus in your goal.. even there’s a proverb that no ache no achieve and so there received’t be any success with none ache.. kindly overlook your ache.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and he or she turns into extra emotional and hugs him uncontrolled and cries whereas kartik too embraces her and will get teary seeing her situation..

Later Tina strikes away from kartik and wipes her tears and..

Tina:i..iam sorry sir for hugging you. I.. solely know you very intently apart from Kunal and Tanvi and that’s why I hugged you emotionally.

Kartik:it’s okay..i perceive your state of affairs. I believe now you’ll have felt some reduction after sharing your sorrows.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:sure sir.. and thanks sir for being my assist. If you happen to dint assist me then i wouldn’t have reached this place.

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik:it’s my obligation to assist you and i’ll at all times assist you.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and will get emotional..

Tina:thanks sir.

Kartik:it’s okay.. now go and sit close to your pals and share your happiness. And if the judges selects you for the competitors then go and communicate confidently on stage about your abilities.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina: okay sir.

Each goes from there whereas kartik feels one thing..

Kartik in thoughts: what is occurring with me?i felt ache when Tina shared her ache and iam feeling comfortable when she smiles.. what’s this sort of feeling?

Kartik then ignores her ideas and goes and sits in professor’s space whereas Tina goes and sits close to Kunal and Tanvi whereas each of them will get suprised seeing Tina and Kunal comes earlier than Tina and..

Kunal: what a suprise Tina?you by no means advised about your dancing abilities and in addition you by no means advised us that you just have been additionally participating on this rehearsal..did you forgot us?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:no Kunal. My goal is to turn out to be a dancer however i at all times ignored my goal because of my deafness.. however kartik sir got here to learn about my ardour and he solely helped me to take part on this rehearsal and motivated to realize my goal.

Kunal and Tanvi will get suprised and so they smile whereas Tanvi comes earlier than Tina and..

Tanvi:hey Tina.. what is occurring between you and kartik sir?kartik sir wont be this a lot lenient in the direction of college students however he turned your motivator there any sort of emotions between you each?

Tina notices her lips and understands it and makes a pet face..

Tina:shut up Tanvi..there’s nothing like that. Kartik sir is excellent and sort hearted particular person and that’s why he’s serving to me that’s all. Please don’t take it in unsuitable manner..

Tanvi smiles..

Tanvi:certain..i simply tried to make enjoyable with you that’s all.

Tina notices her lips and smiles..


Out of the blue the judges pronounces the end result and so they name the names of scholars who they chose and at last they name tina..

Choose samyush:miss. Tina khanna please come on stage and provides speech in your profitable dancing abilities.

Tanvi is available in entrance of tina and.. bought chosen and they’re calling you on stage for some speech. So go and speak..

Tina notices her lips and understands it and will get glad..

Tina: actually?


Tina goes to the stage nervously whereas everybody claps for her..

Tina in Mike:iam actually grateful to everybody in your assist and iam grateful for the judges for choosing me.

Then Tina appears to be like kartik and smiles and..

Tina in Mike: i contemplate dance as my goal and that i hope i turned a dancer in the future. However i at all times had unfavourable ideas on myself and that i used to disclaim my dancing probability at all times however in the present day somebody supported and motivated me to succeed in this stage confidently with none unfavourable ideas and iam actually grateful to that particular person..

Kartik smiles seeing Tina talking confidently and in addition for praising him..

Tina in Mike: and everybody’s assist gave me a power and constructive ideas to work for my goal additional with none unfavourable ideas and iam very a lot grateful to you all for supporting me. And thanks a lot for the judges to present me probability to talk earlier than the scholars.. thanks a lot.

Everybody claps for Tina for her great speech together with kartik..


Naksh is shocked to see sirat punching her pillow angrily and runs to her..

Naksh:arrey sirat.. what occurred to you?why are you punching this harmless pillow?

Sirat sadly:bhai.. each time iam upset i used to punch you however in the present day i’m completely upset so i don’t wish to damage you so iam hurting this pillow to overlook no matter occurred in the present day.

Naksh: what occurred in the present day that made you upset this a lot?

Sirat: really it was drawback between me and a man and that i hurted him very badly and it’s all my mistake and that’s why iam upset..

Naksh laughs listening to it surprising sirat..

Sirat:bhai..iam severe however you might be laughing?

Naksh: really when an issue comes between a males and a girls then it’s known as as…

Sirat throws pillow on naksh and..

Sirat:bhai.. don’t inform that it’s the first signal of affection.i don’t wish to love anybody in my life..

Naksh hugs sirat and..

Naksh:simply relax sirat Mary Kom Singhania. I do know you might be temper off now however make your self comfortable by speaking with Mishti and kuhu.


Out of the blue Mishti and kuhu enters there and..

Mishti:naksh bhai..iam in love..woohooo..

Naksh and sirat will get suprised and..

Sirat: actually Mishti?


Naksh:who’s that unfortunate fellow?? I believe he’s a mad and that’s why he have fallen for you.

Mishti will get offended whereas sirat and kuhu laughs..

Mishti might be at all times making enjoyable solely. Now i’ll inform that you’ll marry a black and fatty woman who will torture your complete life along with her appears to be like.

Naksh:arrey oldie grandma.. your curse wont work on me.. okay? as a result of iam a..

Mishti: nice idiot..

Sirat is available in between them and..

Sirat:hey please cease your ineffective talks. And Mishti who’s that fortunate man ?

Kuhu:it’s none apart from mr. Loud night breathing..

Mishti will get offended on kuhu and pinches her..

Mishti:shut up case you like him then go and marry him and luxuriate in his loud night breathing however don’t drag me with that fool understood? Orelse i’ll kill you.

Sirat:i don’t perceive something what you each are speaking about.. please inform me who’s that mr.loud night breathing and why Mishti is offended on him.

Kuhu:i’ll inform..


Karishma, kuhu and Mishti boarded the flight and so they sat on their respective seats whereas Mishti alone sits with some man as her quantity will get allotted there..

Mishti in thoughts:ohh will i sit on this place and that too close to a stranger. If i atleast obtained a window seat it might have been good..

Out of the blue she hears a loud night breathing sound from that man and appears at him..

Mishti in thoughts: ohh noo.. this man is loud night breathing like a thunder then how will i handle until i attain udaipur? I’ll higher sleep to eliminate this man.

Mishti tries to sleep however his loud night breathing doesn’t let her sleep so Mishti will get offended..

Mishti in thoughts:why is that this man loud night breathing like a lion..i couldn’t sleep additionally. if he snores extra then I’ll certainly wake him up..

Mishti once more tries to sleep by placing sponge on her ears however that too doesn’t work as that man’s loud night breathing is vey louder and Mishti will get pissed off..

Mishti in thoughts: ohhh krishnaji..even the theatres are having higher sound.i really feel like placing chillies in his mouth to close his loud night breathing..

Mishti tries to wake that man however he doesn’t rise up and..

Mishti: this man is sleeping like as if he haven’t slept for many years.. what a silly man. Now i’ll do one factor..I’ll higher put ear telephones and sleep in order that his loud night breathing wont disturb me because of music sound.

Mishti fortunately places ear telephones and tries to sleep however that man’s loud night breathing is heared greater than that music which makes Mishti livid..

Mishti:who the monster he’s?? Even i dint hear such horrible voices from animals too..however this man is loud night breathing as if he’s going to interrupt the world into two items. Now see what I’ll do..

Mishti takes her water bottle and pours the water on his face however that additionally doesn’t works and he retains on sleeping..

Mishti will get livid and see stands and shouts closing her ears..


Each passengers appears to be like at Mishti whereas air hostess involves Mishti and..

Air hostess:any drawback mam? Would you like something?

Mishti furiously:yeah.. convey me a ear telephones which covers my complete ears.

Air hostess:iam sorry mam..ear telephones like which are nonetheless haven’t invented but.

Each passengers laughs at her whereas Mishti sits angrily and bites her nails angrily..

After few hours they attain udaipur and each passengers will get able to get down whereas the man wakes up and appears at Mishti close to him..

Man:hello lovely woman..iam sorry i couldn’t accompany your journey as i had good sleep.

Mishti will get livid and..

Mishti:you monkey..donkey.. silly.. nonsense.. blo*dy idiot.

The flight will get landed whereas Mishti walks away angrily whereas the man will get confused..

Man in thoughts: what occurred to this woman??.


everybody laughs listening to it..

Sirat:wow Mishti..i feel you loved your flight journey rather a lot.

Mishti:di.. please don’t make enjoyable of me.

Naksh:shit..i missed the possibility to be there with you. If was there i might have loved that scene..i feel kuhu would have loved rather a lot. Am i proper kuhu?

Kuhu: ofcourse bhai..

Mishti stares everybody angrily and..

Mishti:i wont go away you all in the present day..

Sirat hugs Mishti and..

Sirat:okay..quiet down Mishti. High-quality inform me who’s your boyfriend then?

Mishti smiles.

Mishti:it’s nobody..i simply advised to alter your temper.

Kuhu:no’s mr.loud night breathing solely.

Mishti:shut up your mouth kuhu..

Sirat smiles and hugs Mishti emotionally..

Sirat:in the present day i used to be actually upset however you modified my temper particularly your flight journey modified my temper. Now iam actually comfortable..

Mishti kuhu and sirat hugs one another..

Naksh : i feel i’ve no worth now as all of the sister joined collectively.

Kuhu breaks the hug and..

Kuhu:are you jealous bhai?

Naksh: just a little.

Everybody smiles and so they hug naksh fortunately..



Dadi comes there..

Dadi: suwarna..why are you shouting now?

Suwarna fortunately:maa..we obtained a alliance for kartik.

Dadi will get suprised..

Dadi:what?actually? Who’s that household?

Suwarna:it’s Singhania household solely maa.. Manish’s good friend naitikji’s household.

Dadi will get comfortable..’s actually alliance. Singhania household persons are actually good..i feel we must always settle for this alliance.

Suwarna:sure..even aksharaji favored our son kartik and just one factor is pending..we must always ask kartik about it.

Dadi:no must ask him. We are going to give him a suprise after we go and see our bahu..

Suwarna:but when kartik loves somebody?then we will’t power him proper?

Dadi will get unhappy..

Dadi:effectively ask Ranveer about it as a result of kartik shares each matter with him solely..


They each go to Ranveer’s room and..

Dadi:Ranveer..simply inform me one factor.

Ranveer: what’s it dadi?

Dadi:did kartik talked about his marriage plans or did he advised that he’s loving anybody?

Ranveer thinks and..

Ranveer: kartik doesn’t love anybody but dadi..he advised that he’ll settle for even organized marriage.

Dadi and suwarna will get comfortable..

Dadi:thanks khanna..

They each go away whereas Ranveer will get confused..

Ranveer in thoughts: why is dadi asking this now?what are they planning?

Whereas dadi and suwarna goes to corridor and..

Dadi: tomorrow we’ll go to Singhania home to see our bahu after which we’ll suprise kartik on his birthday by bringing our bahu right here..

Suwarna smiles and..



precap: avni is lacking.tina (naira’s) sherni mode. Twinkle is shocked. Naksh and keerthi’s second. Sirat saves surekha.

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